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Forge Your Strength

Join our supportive Sacramento fitness community, whether you're a seasoned powerlifter or just starting your fitness journey.
Join 500 others who share your passion and drive.
24/7 Gym Access
Never miss a lift! Whether you're an early bird or a night owl, our doors are open for you to train on your schedule—anytime, any day.
Premium Equipment
Our facility boasts top-notch equipment: state-of-the-art machines, competition-grade benches, racks, and a full range of weights for powerlifters of all levels.
Honest Membership
We value transparency. Simply pay your monthly membership. No hidden fees. Just pure strength training to empower you in every rep you crush.
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Driven by Passion, Defined by Purpose

Born from a passion for heavy lifting and a community-driven spirit, Nightmare Muscle is Sacramento's premier powerlifting gym. Join us and embrace the "Huscle" - where hustle and muscle combine for greatness.


Transform Your Training Experience

World-class Equipment

Relaxation and Recovery

Personal Training


See what our member's say

Gibran Medina
"Amazing facility and top of the line equipment. This gym has always been my go to from day one. I can’t imagine any another gym being better."
Mayra Adame
"Since joining Nightmare Muscle, I feel more comfortable and confident in lifting. I've always been a fairly shy person with many self-doubts in what I am capable of. But feeling the support, the reassurance, and being in a space where I don't feel any negative judgement has made me feel less of that imposter syndrome I had previously experienced at other gyms."
Kai Stasinakis
"My favorite thing about nightmare is the community and atmosphere. The community is always coming together to help one another out and bring out the best in everyone!"
Rahim Benson
"Since coming to nightmare no commercial gym is the same they can’t compare!"
Kat Wang
"The best gym in the area! Lots of good equipment and so many different types of specialized bars. The community is great and if you’re looking to PR, this is the place to be!! Everyone is super friendly so if you’re new to powerlifting, or even just the gym, anyone will be happy to help!"
John D. Reynolds III
"Nightmare Muscle Gym is an awesome place to train and find your fitness path. There are cool people in the gym, the owner is awesome, and the brand is fantastic for the sport. More importantly it is just a lifter friendly environment where you can make friends and train hard all that same time."
Juan R. Garcia
"Living about an hour away is tough to commute but at least once a week I make it a mission to attend the gym because it feels more like a home than my local gyms."
Zūs Navarrete
"Nightmare muscles is a great gym. There is high quality equipment that is totally beneficial. The community at the gym is my favorite part. Everyone there is kind and helpful."
Miguel Quiroz
"Available 24/7. All the equipment! Never have to wait, or feel rushed. Ive been to a lot of gyms of all kinds. This is my favorite gym!!!"
Adriana Escoto
"I have been a member of Nightmare Muscle gym for over half a year now, and I am grateful to have found and be part of this gym community. I have met great people with the same passion for fitness and have always felt welcomed since day one. I appreciate the owner, Michael, for being very hands on and involved with his members and doing his best to make the member’s gym experience feel like no other. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, everyone here will help, support, and cheer you on!"
John Archie
"The atmosphere is amazing and extremely uplifting. It’s added more drive and focus to my training being around like minded people."

Join the Elite – Membership Awaits You

Flex Lifter
$100 / Month
No-contract option for max flexibility. Get full benefits without strings.
  • Full 24/7 access
  • Top-tier amenities
  • No contract
  • No hidden fees
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Elite Huscler
$75 / Month
Dedicated lifter's contract plan for best value. Commit to your fitness goals.
  • Full 24/7 access
  • 6 month commitment
  • Top-tier amenities
  • No hidden fees
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Huscler for a day
Perfect for those looking to give our gym a test drive or in town for a quick visit.
  • Full access
  • Valid for 1 day
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